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About The Peace Studio, Its Services and Anjaan

About The Peace studio


Spiritual Mentor, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Healer,

The Peace Studio provides services and solutions related to the deep routed emotional, psychological and mental problems; Stress Reduction; Peace and Happiness, Desire Manifestation and other personal enhancement programs. Our programs include taking people beyond mind and explore the ‘No Mind’ dimension of existence. Spiritual programs take people from their current state of being towards merger in Godliness. Participants can learn to change their lives by changing their vibrations and attract what they desire.



Ho we acheive the Goals applying psychological strategies

The Peace Studio focuses on the assessment, treatment and causes of mental distress and dysfunction under the supervision of an Awakened Mystic, Spiritual Mentor, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Healer, ANJAAN. He has been exploring life’s mysterious dimensions for more than a decade and has been helping people to restore their 'Peace of Mind' with his Unique Techniques. His expertise include guiding people to the root of their mental, emotional and physical problems and apply the appropriate curing techniques and working towards living blissful lives. He tailors his therapeutic strategies based on the personal need’s assessment of each client.

The goal of The Peace Studio is to help people live stress free and Blissful lives by aligning Body, Mind and Soul. Our Spiritual Programs provide deep experiences of God / Godliness.

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