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Spiritual Programs

 Group Therapy to release and remove physical and mental stress from the participants.


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    Path Awareness

    Participants to deeply understand and experience the glimpses of complete spiritual path.



    Program to help experience and understand the participants who they actually are and are not.


    Formlessness Awareness

    Take the participants beyond form and dive into the Formlessness.


    Divine Sound Awareness

    Introduce the participants to Divine Light and start lightening to their inner beings.


    Soul Awareness

    Program to introduce the participants to fabrication of their souls and create awareness of the individual souls.


    Un-manifested Conscious Awareness

    Program to make the participants aware of the pure grounding of being, from which creation and manifestation arise.


    Universal Oneness Awareness

    Take the participants beyond their self being and make them aware of the universal oneness.



    Help participants take a deep dive into consciousness and start the process of self devotion.


    Merger in Universal Consciousness

    Help the participants to melt the tracing of the ego and become one with Universal consciousness.

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    Stress is an unavoidable part of life,

    Stress is an unavoidable part of life, which no one is immune. Stress takes many forms: ulcers, high blood pressure, eating and sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, road rage, irritable bowel and chronic fatigue syndrome, just to name a few.